Fish Gone Bad
The Adventures of Bumbly Mr. Chiggins
NH, 2005

Project Statement

Fish Gone Bad and the Adventures of Bumbly Mr. Chiggins were created for the NH Department of Environmental Service's call for video shorts. These Septic Scenes are meant explore the importance of proper septic system maintenance and were used as PSA's that ran on local cable access throughout the state. A video about septic systems? I hope they have a sense of humor...

Fish Gone Bad
Portsmouth, NH, 2005

Fish Gone Bad, a humorous video short influenced by the works of Monty Python's Flying Circus, foretells humanity's fate when we ignore our impact on natural systems. By raising the specter of septic system abuse and misuse, Fish Gone Bad explores an issue that is both local and relevant, where individual actions and changes can have real impact upon ecosystem health. With reference to Godzilla, the story connects our modern fears and actions to 1950's angst about the little understood dangers of nuclear energy. Today, with chemicals, hormones and toxins introduced into our water supply with little thought or protection, we re-open Pandora's Box. News reports of mutated frogs appear frequently - Can we deny a connection?


The Adventures of Bumbly Mr. Chiggins
Manchester, NH, 2005

The Adventures of Bumbly Mr. Chiggins was created in collaboration with sculpting students at the New Hampshire Institute of Art for the NH Department of Environmental Service's call for video shorts. For the students, it provides an out-of-the-box or off-the-canvas method of creating art that is both fresh and relevant. My goals include reinforcing collaboration and teamwork while engaging students in work that connects to community and social issues. In this project we explored developing a concept, storyline and made a stop motion video over the course of one class session.

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