Eco Cubes & Eco Squares, 2004-07

Eco Cubes, 2004 Eco Squares, 2005-07 Eco Blocks, 2006

Project Statement

Eco-Cubes are small puzzles combining the Rubik’s Cube format with images of contrasting scenes of nature and development. The puzzles were created to explore methods for generating viewer interaction. While they are intended as maquettes for a larger installation, these smaller cubes explore relationships to the environment on a hand held scale. This nostalgic toy appears inviting and is offered up for play. The audience is invited to solve the puzzle, to return Nature to its natural order. Yet, to re-assert this balance of yin and yang becomes an impossible struggle once it is upset. It seems so obvious as a toy in one’s hands, but what about when you are out of the gallery and driving down the road?

The idea of the cubes parallels my evolving consideration of the role of art in society and the socio-ecological challenges of our modern time. Artists are faced with a unique challenge to create new, innovative ways to engage audience. So much has changed in a short time: from technology and transportation, to globalization and dramatic shifts in cultural attitudes. Viewers have become more sophisticated, more preoccupied, and more distracted by competing interests and incessant advertising. How do artists create relevant work that breaks through everyday clutter to stimulate viewers to pause long enough to explore ideas?

Eco Squares and Eco Blocks are projects inspired by the original Eco Cubes. The Squares are varied limited edition prints while the blocks (not shown) are individual prints mounted on blocks that can be rearranged on a wall.

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