Barn Studio, 2008

Barn Studio Outdoor classroom Portsmouth, NH, 2007 and ongoing

Project Statement

It’s not just an image, it’s a lifestyle…

I am committed to understanding and evolving my studio’s working processes to reduce my impact upon the ecosystem. I consider all aspects of materials and methods in order to select the best possible choices for accomplishing a final product. This ethic permeates all aspects of my creative life from my studio design and power consumption to equipment choices, materials selection, and conservation. I source material as locally as possible, choose recycled material whenever available, avoid toxic and hazardous processes, and endeavor to develop creative solutions to sustainability questions. I strive to have a carbon neutral studio and practice inclusive of materials and travel.

In 2007, we bought an old house with 2 acres of land and a barn. We’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to create a studio practice and lifestyle that considers every aspect of sustainability. We have begun a complete renovation of the barn to repurpose it as a productive and considered workspace. This studio view shows the main desk with fiberglass water tubes in background. The desk is created from 6.5 gallon glass bottles and salvage barn board. The water in these bottles and the tubes acts as a thermal mass absorbing the heat energy of the sun and moderating the cool season temperatures. (Yes, that’s winter squash being stored on the upper bookshelf above the door.)

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