What makes TGS a green studio?

Tim Gaudreau Studios considers all aspects of business, from fabrication to fulfillment to result in the most sustainable, lowest impact possible. Our commitment to sustainablilty has been in place for over a decade and guided our our early adoption of digital technologies.

A sustainable lifestyle and business model means many things. We make considerate choices in raw materials to reduce VOC’s, hazardous chemicals, packaging and pollution. Our new studio is designed to reduce energy consumption and our business CO2 footprint.

What are some examples?

In our effort to be green, here are just a few highlights:

  • We have re-purposed an old barn into a green studio at Tim’s home reducing his daily commute to 0.
  • Our studio is heated from wood pellet biomass and passive solar from windows, thermal mass and air heaters.
  • Tim’s home is entirely heated by wood and wood pellets.
  • We have a solar hot water system.
  • We have a 2.4 Kw Solar Electric system.
  • Our vehicles run on soybean-based Biodiesel and get over 40 mpg.
  • We grow the majority of our own food and keep chickens and bees.
  • All work stations are task-focused and compact fluorescent or LED lit, reducing unneeded electricity consumption.
  • We used cloth diapers for our daughter.
  • We compost the majority of our waste.
  • We chose natural, organic and sustainably harvested/manufactured goods.