Callbox 4, 2005

CallBox 4 2005

Project Statement

Imagine walking down the street to discover a curious and colorful telephone station that rings as you walk by. Do you answer it? Is it for you? What does it mean? Callbox 4 startles many passers-by to consider those very questions. As a public installation, Callbox 4 explores interaction and collaboration as viewers are presented with a choice; to appreciate the piece, one must participate. Picking up the receiver is an important act, a pause from one’s travels and a choice to step out of passive observation. Encouraged to visualize a personal interpretation of the four elements, which button do you choose to press?

Callbox 4 rang as pedestrians walked by. After a brief instructional track, listeners were encouraged to choose a theme and press a button to listen. Callbox 4 explores relationship, viewpoint and experience of community and landscape by presenting shifting perspectives. Each environmental theme, Air, Water, Earth (represented by Quarry) and Fire (represented by Factory) presented two buttons. With each set of buttons, one activated an audio track of a person-on-the-street interview while the other button activated an audio track composed of various voices woven together in contraposition to the other.

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  Air Yang

  Air Yin

  Factory Yang

  Factory Yin

  Quarry Yang

  Quarry Yin

  Water Yang

  Water Yin

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