Make it Happen, 2006

Make it Happen, Timberland Company, MAGIC conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2006

Project Statement

Make it Happen was create for the Timberland Company’s installation at the MAGIC conference in Las Vegas and is made from 8″x8″ magnetic wooden panels. Installed in a public venue, viewers are encouraged to peek beneath the landscape to reveal stories about communities that have come together to respond to local

Subsequently, the work was installed in Stratham, NH but also with huge photos of me — who would have thought that I’d ever get to be a fashion model? (Just ask my mom!)

“To better understand environmental challenges,
I break the big picture down into smaller
elements. Then I can see how things are
interconnected — how the pieces fit together. In
this work, I ask the viewer to be a participant. Lift
a panel and get involved. It’s a symbolic gesture
of taking action. It’s the very first step in making
a difference.”

My work is about environmental issues and individual empowerment—how one person can make a difference. through my art, I encourage people to reconsider their cultural and personal relationships with nature. If you drink water, eat fresh food or care about your children, you must act. Educate yourself. Educate others. Live Consciously.

I want to spark people into action. Too often, we shut out what we don’t want to think about. protecting our environment is more than preserving land for the saee of keeping it from changing. We need to protect the land just to survive.

-Tim Gaudreau
Eco Artist, Environmentalist, Activist. Proof that one person can make a world of difference.

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