Take the Carbon Challenge, 2008

Take the New Hampshire Carbon Challenge Game Rye Middle School, Rye, NH, 2008 Timberland, Stratham, NH, 2007

Project Statement

The New Hampshire Carbon Challenge Game was developed to express the ideas behind the NH Carbon Challenge Pledge, spearheaded by a local environmental organization. The NH Carbon Challenge strives to inspire NH citizens to make significant, sustainable changes in personal behavior to shrink our individual and collective carbon footprints.

The game invites players to spin the dial to move ahead via squares designed in a roadmap motif. Special road signs offer players an opportunity to shoot ahead on a bypass if they pledge to take that action. Actions include a variety of carbon reducing choices from the simplest – changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs or washing clothes in cold water – to the more energetic – changing purchasing habits or exchanging an SUV for a high mileage, fuel efficient car.

This piece was installed at the Rye Middle School in cooperation with the Rye Sustainability Committee’s effort to encourage families to take the New Hampshire Carbon Challenge Pledge.

This project directly asks the audience to be an active participant in the artwork as well as to take positive action. The act of participating with a piece or game becomes a metaphor for taking real and meaningful actions in life.

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