Give Plastic the Boot, 2008

Give Plastic the Boot, Timberland Company, Stratham, NH, 2008

Project Statement

This public sculpture was created to kick off an international sales campaign for Timberland’s EarthKeeper boot made from recycled material. The sculpture is fabricated entirely from discarded plastic and comments on consumer habits and convenience packaging. The focus of the work is not only to reduce our consumption of unnecessary and unhealthy materials, but also to reinvigorate conscientious recycling of materials that can become raw material for other products.

This sculpture was created as a model for similar sculptures which would be fabricated as community engagement projects engaging community members in the creation of each public sculpture. While participating in a project, community members would learn about critical local and national environmental issues and how, as individuals, they can make a difference through informed choices.

Timberland EarthKeeper Blog video about the project

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